August 18, 2022

Maersk North America about the port congestion

For the past several months, East Coast congestion has been driven by both Transpacific market activity as well as a robust Transatlantic trade. Looking ahead to September, we are still seeing strong East Coast demand relative to the West Coast. As a result, port congestion remains and there have been delays on Transatlantic Services between North America and Northern Europe.

Vessel wait times are running 1-3 weeks in Newark PNCT, 1-3 days at APM Terminals Elizabeth, 2-18 days for Houston down in the Gulf, and 10-17 days in Savannah where 35 ships are at anchorage, five of which are Maersk vessels. To ease this congestion, we are arranging for extra gap loader ships in September where feasible for the East Coast.

The disruptions experienced on the North American and Northern European networks have required adjustments to our Transatlantic services, including resetting schedules. Currently, we are adding extra vessels to help reduce the time between departures. The extra vessels will avoid heavily congested terminals, such as Newark PNCT, and enable booking diversions to alternative locations such as Norfolk or Baltimore when possible. You can read our complete Transatlantic Services FAQ online for full details.

For all gateways, customers are asked to please provide their continued support in prioritizing the pickup of aging cargo as we work together with our terminal and rail partners to restore fluidity in operations for a more reliable supply chain.