Global Trading

Trading (Procurement)

We have an extensive contact source of distributors and wholesalers. The warehouse space to store products ready for delivery these details helps us handle competitive pricing and provide fast delivery times Tubing and Fittings, Valves, Wellheads, Instrumentation, Electrical.

Shipping (Steamship Agent)

We provide service to shipping lines in ship stowage and logistics for special projects. Through the consolidation of our experience, technical and financial resources, we ensure the highest standards of quality, efficiency and competitiveness with the support of our commercial partners such as COSCO Shipping Lines and MAERSK Shipping Lines


Logistics (Domestic and International transportation)

Our experience covers developments in Americas, Asia and Europe. The local logistics support services at national and international level, ensuring efficiency and quality service, with the aim of satisfying the needs of our customers. Our current growth has led to the opening of new offices, where terminals and warehouses have the highest standards of quality and technology for handling the services required. Our strategic alliances in these regions has allowed us to rapidly penetrate the national market, offering an integrated service where the end customer is satisfied by an integral operation.

Our group was established in 1992 providing experienced personnel for logistics services worldwide.

Global Trading Shipping & Logistics Corp.

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