Who We Are


Is an organization devoted to cargo management as an integrated logistics leader with international reach. We strive for expanding our operations and increasing client satisfaction, delivering a top quality service that conforms with the highest international standards and in agreement with each local legal framework. We concentrate on adapting our policies to reflect our business’ ever changing nature. Leading edge technology is our stronghold for planning, executing, and optimizing our operations, along with highly qualified personnel.

We offer Feeder services between Panama and Colombia; shipping agency; customs; cargo transportation, consolidation and storage; 4PL type integral services.


We have large terminals, wide storage facilities and modern offices. Internationally we have offices in Houston and Miami (USA), Panama City, Amsterdam (The Netherlands). We also service Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay through our strategic partners.


Deliver an excellent service in shipping agency, harbor and logistics operations, through the consolidation of our technical, financial and human talent, to ensure the highest quality, efficiency and competitive standards.



To be a leading organization in integral shipping agency, harbor and logistics operations, strengthening our global presence with competitiveness, sustained growth and social responsibility.