June 13, 2023

A2B-online is pleased to announce the new build of two environmentally friendly container vessels

A2B-online reveals ‘orange is the new green’ and enthusiastically announces the new construction of two sustainable vessels of 650 TEU.

The new vessels have been designed with sustainability in mind and will be equipped with the latest technologies to reduce CO2 emissions significantly by up to 95%. The vessels will have a multi-fuel methanol propulsion system, shore power and battery capacity to operate emission free during port and inland water operations.

A2B-online, a provider of flexible trailer, container and shipping services from the Continent to the UK, has undertaken the construction of the two newbuilds as it prepares its fleet for the future.

The company, which operates seven container vessels, is implementing a fleet revitalisation programme with an eye on the long-term. As it replaces its older tonnage, A2B-online has chosen to construct new vessels with a keen focus on sustainable performance.

Key feature of the new vessels is their optimized efficiency. The increased size of the cargo hold relative to A2B-online’s existing vessels offers double capacity without the requirement to increase the overall length ofthe vessel significantly.